Friday, 15 March 2013

Club Night 12th March Hairspray with Alcohol Inks

Tonight we have used Hairspray with Alcohol inks.
Spray white glossy card with hairspray so that it is quite wet then drip on some alcohol inks in 3 or 4 colours then tip up the card to move it around or use a brush.
Dry it off, then stamp over it with Versamark and emboss or just plain ink.
Here I have made mine into a calendar and on the back are the instructions for the technique.

Here are the first 3 pieces that I tried.
I have embossed on the pink one, but this card is the cheap photo paper from the £1 shop and it bubbled but it adds to the effect.
Here are another 3 pieces and then I stamped and embossed them.

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