Sunday, 12 August 2012

Metal Embossing workshop

Here are 5 cards from the Metal Embossing workshop, on 2 of the cards I used a thinner metal and put it through the Cuttlebug machine in an embossing folder and the other 3 I used a thicker metal and could push it out using ball tools.

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  1. Hello Sue

    I stumbled across your blog.

    Always a pleasure seeing another crafter getting pleasure from what they do.

    Your cards are more sophisticated than anything I have done.

    I sometimes make my own Christmas cards, I make lino cuts and print them on my old hand press.

    I am primarily a bookbinder,some of your cards are like small books with complicated covers.

    Do you ever use simple 3 hole sewing to join several pages together? It could be sewn with ribbon.

    I run a site devoted to craft bookbinding, there are a lot of free bookbinding manuals which may interest you.

    There is also an old bookbinders recipe for making imitation vellums and parchment papers from normal papers. Much more authentic than mass produced parchment papers and very simple to make.

    Come on over if you have a moment.

    Good luck to us all.