Thursday, 27 October 2011

Foil Technique

I have just been playing with a silver foil technique that I saw whilst browsing the web, using kitchen foil.
Take a 30cm x 30cm piece of foil and scrunch it into a ball, be careful as you need to undo it again.

Now flatten it out so it keeps all the creases, then roll over it with a brayer.

 Now dab 2 or 3 colours of alcohol ink all over

Now dab a Vesamark ink pad all over(I found that the colour came on to my Versamark pad so I made my own using Glycerin on to a piece of "Cut n' Dry" pad, works just as well as a  Versamark pad)

 Then cover with embossing powder and heat.

Here are 3 samples that I have made.
the first on the left has been embossed using clear ep the centre has been embossed with Kaleidoscope ep and the last one on the right is using a clear glitter ep, although the glitter doesn't show uo in the photo but they do look lovely.

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