Sunday, 26 September 2010

Craft Club Night 14th September

I made this background from an idea on the Gina K blog, it works really well for men's cards. My instructions are a little different as we found it easier to score first.
The instructions are below.

First score your card appox every 1cm. I used 3/8" 
Score the whole card or whatever size you need.

Using a piece of scrap paper covering one section at a time, 
 Take 2 different colours of ink and sponge the first section,
  move the paper to cover the next section and sponge using the second colour, dont worry about going over the first section as the colours will blend together.
 Carry on sponging the whole piece.
 I have used Adirondack Denim and Butterscotch here.
 Now using a nice flat sponge (I have used Cut & Dry) rub gently over with Sepia ink and this will darken the embossed lines. Here I have just sponged half the card.

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