Monday, 12 July 2010

Crepe paper flower instructions

Your wish is my command Dot - lol

Here are the instructions for the crepe paper flowers----

  1. Cut out 5 circles approx 1” in diameter.( do not use a punch as the crepe paper stretches and jams the punch)
With the grain going vertical(top to bottom) hold the top in one hand between finger and thumb and twist the bottom with your other finger and thumb.
Repeat with all 5 circles.
  1. Holding your petal in between finger and thumb from the bottom stretch the top pulling it forward at the same time.
Repeat with all 5 circles.

Place a small puddle of white glue on a messy mat and dip the very edge of the stretched section at the top into the glue then into your glitter so that there is glitter on the very edge around the top

Trim off the end of the twisted section so that there is just a little bit left. Reeat with all petals.Punch out a ½ “ circle out of white card
.Place a small puddle of glue on the centre of the circle and place your first petal on to it.

  1. Add another 4 petals overlapping about half way on the previous one so that you have 5 altogether, with the last one under lap it on the first one. As you place each petal press it down in the middle (I used the end of a chopstick A very handy tool to have)

Place a puddle of glue in the centre and add a gem then add a little glitter around it which will stick to any glue that is not covered.


  1. Thanks Sue, I will have a go at that, very clever

  2. I made these flowers, they are beautiful!!!!!