Monday, 28 June 2010

Make & Take Friday 11th June

Another popular card.
I have stamped the tulips in the centre first then then added the grass and dragonflies, cut it to the right size and sponged around the edges with 2 different shades of green. Then stamped the dots.
Next comes the fiddly bit, I decided the I would cut each line at 1.5cm, which I have cut across, that then means that you need to cut the strips into 3cm pieces which is double the height measurement and you get one small block at the end. At this point I need to say that you need to cut the card the right size in the first place so it needs to be able to be divided by 1.5cm, my card measured 10.5cm x 7.5cm.
When you have cut the blocks sponge around each one then stick on to black card leaving a tiny gap in between each one, I then mounted it on to the light green card then on to darker green card which I have punched with a corner punch.

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