Friday, 2 May 2008

Make & Take Fri 2nd May

To make this background you need black card, Adirondack Dabbers, Krylon pens and an old credit card.
It is a good idea to use one piece of A4 card and make a whole sheet while you are at it.Place 3 or 4 colours of the dabbers on to a waterproof mat or piece of acetate by un screwing the top and using them straight from the bottle.Dip your old credit card into your first colour then take it to your black card and swipe it in a circular movement then repeat with the other colours leaving some of the black card showing, then take the black dabber, dip into it with the Credit card then just place the inked end on the black card without pulling so you just get lines.When this is dry (use heat gun if necessary)stamp at random using solid stamps then highlight with the Krylon pen that matches your colour scheme.

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